As both visual designer and craft maker, I’m fascinated by the relationship between digital design and hand made work, and the potential they hold where digital and physical forms meet, input, convert and give value. I often look for the visual and cultural identity of a product, an object or space, and the impact it has on people. In my work I aim to transform and revive beneficial aesthetics through visuals, materials and occasionally a few plants.

I believe collaborative design in multidisciplinary teams is essential for an authentic process based on data, observation and a shared agenda. 


Avigail Roubini, Jerusalem-based visual designer.

I create: branding, logos, infographics, design strategy & UI UX.
My fields of practice are visual identity design, design research and urban collaborative design, mainly working in the core of arts, culture and innovation since 2013.

Co-founder and member of Onya Collective - Urban Environment Nursery.


Currently working as a UX designer at ExLibris, and a lead designer of “Dissolving Boundries” project of “Mekudeshet”, Jerusalem

Also an M.Des student at the Industrial design program, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. 

Past Experience

Lecturer of the typography class at the Visual Communication Department at Musrara School of Art, Jerusalem (2015-2019).

Moderator of the Ultra-Orthodox branch of Visual Communication preparatory classes, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem (2018).

Co-teaching assistant at the Beazlel Architecture department, leading graphic & data design workshops (2013-2015).

Holds a bachelor degree of Visual Communication at Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem (2009-2013).


“Will the most hated place in Tel Aviv become a thriving community garden in Israel?”
Na’ama Riba - Xnet (Hebrew)  |  15 November 2015

“In Tel Aviv, a concrete elephant goes from blight to bloom”
Melanie Lidman - Times of Israel  |  18 January 2015

Selected project for architecture and design - World Wide Storefront, NY
“Next Station” - Art, Agriculture and Micro-Ecologies at TLV CBS  | November 2014

About the project “Do it yourself Urban Agriculture”
“Balcony too small? This is how you grow an urban garden (and a salad)”
Galia Sivan - Xnet (Hebrew)  | 18. August 2013



Jerusalem +972-546-365111
San Francisco: +1 (415) 3491254

CV? just ask.

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