Field & Watchman’s Hut
Exhibition concept design, curation and production.
Made together with Smadar Ariel, Gil Herbagio Cohen, Shmulik Twig - Onya Collective
In collaboration with artists and designers: Muslin Brothers, Na’ama Ben Moshe, Talia Davidi & Adi Yehezkeli.
Supervised by JDW curators: Tal Erez, Anat Safran.

Jerusalem Design Week, 2018, Hansen House, Jerusalem.

Photography: Dor Kedmi

Zone.1 The Hut - by Onya Collective

Zone.2 The Field - “Drop After Drop” by Muslin Brothers

Zone.3 The garden - “HanZen” By Arch. Talia Davidi & Adi Yehezkeli

Zone.4 The Wilderness - “Elements” By NAMA Studio - Na’ama Ben Moshe

Photography By Dor Kedmi
Tags: Co-Design | Exhibition Design | Visual Identity