Lines of Action

Animation and Illustration Exhibition Design
Azrieli Gallery 2019

The exhibition "Lines of Action" seeks to establish the connections and encounters between photography, animation and illustration through the works of contemporary, local and international creators. The works presented in the exhibition use materials taken from the world of photography, but in the work process of the creators and creators, they undergo metamorphosis - preserved, sweetened, decomposed or dismantled, reworked and re-assembled. Alongside the finished works, the exhibition also showcased the work processes of the creators, with a desire to turn an investigative look into the "backstage" of the field, to the “gears” and movement mechanisms of animation and illustration.

In a joint strategic process, Dana Tagar and I explored the graphic possibilities that lie in the gap between realistic photography and animated illustration languages. We created an image that reflects our interpretation of the exhibition’s vision, along with a tri-lingual typographic logo and system, expressing a stratified occurrence on the timeline.

Design created together with Dana Tagar
Animation: Chen Heifetz
Curators: Tal Schwartz & Chen Heifetz
Client: Azrieli Gallery, Hadassah College.
Took place as part of the Outline Festival - Illustration and Words in Jerusalem.

Tags: Branding | Exhibition Design | Culture | Tri-lingual | Illustration | Typography